Blog: Why Twitter is so powerful

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Twitter does seem to divide people. What can you say that’s worthwhile in 140 characters? Some people ask.

Well, anyone who uses Twitter on a regular basis will tell you that the power of the tool is not so much in its content, but in its ability to connect you to other people.

The same applies of course to any other social networking tool, but unlike Facebook for example, Twitter contains very few distractions. It’s stripped down and very simple. There are no frivolous food fights, ‘poking’ or third party games such as Farmville contained within its wrapper. Twitter quite simply connects you with people who are interesting, informative or humorous.

And here’s the real power: The more you connect on Twitter, the more connections you get. To do this you must follow those who are good value and produce useful content, while at the same time tweeting content that others may find useful.

No, Twitter is not so much about the information and useful links you can gain access to. Twitter is powerful because it allows people to share their emotions – you can gain a window on their everyday experiences, and that often helps you in your own daily struggles. I have made many friends on Twitter whom I have later met and strengthened my friendships and business relationships with. I have also more importantly found business links and new clients.

Trust me – it workstwitter