Why do you need a social media strategy?

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If you are any size or shape of business then you cannot fail to have heard about social media and the importance it plays in the modern world. It is often a mistake made by many that once they have set up the various platforms they have ticked the marketing box and go on to randomly post titbits of trivia and information that is often not relative to engaging the right kind of client.

To make your social media actually work for you, you need a strategy, actually, in simple terms an actionable plan which you can make happen to give you the results you need for your business.

Without a plan, as we all know too well, things can float around aimlessly leaving us feeling like we have wasted our time and effort for no real benefit; there is truth in the saying “a poor plan give poor performance and results” – you will hear this all the time in business management books, tapes and workshops, so why would it be any different in social media marketing?

Your social media platforms are valuable assets to your business and every piece of content you post can tailor to your specific business needs and goals; from a single post to a month-long campaign you need to set your content and goals and measure your results to ensure you adjust for best performance.

Setting a specific need for your content, with real purpose can add weight to your brand, bring in new prospects that fit your vision and skills and engage your kind of clients fully.

The key to a good strategy is the ability to measure, review, report and improve, an absolute basic skill for good social media marketing planning – this is an area often neglected but it is essential to ensure you are reaching your audience and supplying useful engaging content.

By using your plan you also stay active and consistent, which is necessary to build loyalty and grow your product, service or brand – you want to be remembered and at the front of mind to all your customers old and new.
With all the small stuff taken care of you can really focus on moving to bigger things, like tailoring your campaigns and setting up advertising. It helps to think of a cross-platform connection, Influence marketing, partnerships and twitter chats to connect directly with your customers.

Why do all this? It is really simple, it gives you a cohesive social presence that is clearly understood, you will be promoting your business, building your brand and connecting with people who really do want your service or product.
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