Using LinkedIn as a leverage for your business

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LinkedIn-1It can sometimes seem difficult to effectively promote and grow your company on LinkedIn. Paid advertising is very hard to do, with the cost-per-click 2-10x higher than other social media platforms while the click-through-rate is much lower.


As a result of this, LinkedIn is often pushed to the side and companies don’t involve LinkedIn in their online marketing strategy.  However, the platform can be used as a highly effective marketing channel, if used the right way.


Although LinkedIn is used extensively for networking and recruitment, a high percentage of page views come from people who want to know more about you or your company.  Therefore, your LinkedIn page serves as your personal landing page where profile views can convert into sales.


How should you approach your profile?


If you want to create an effective LinkedIn profile, you need to understand your audience. Most of your audience will probably be individuals looking to use your services or hire your company. Therefore, you should design your profile to appeal to your target audience.


How should you sell yourself?


If you want other people to think you’re amazing, you have to make yourself look amazing. Your LinkedIn profile should build your value through your experience, accomplishments and articles. For some, this is easier done than said. Therefore, it is important to figure out how to present your skills in the best light possible.


All that being said, it is important that you don’t come off as ‘arrogant’ or ‘vain’. Instead your accomplishments should represent who you are. If you sell yourself successfully, they’ll assume your business is great also!


What photo should I use?


There are lots of do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing a suitable LinkedIn photograph. It is very important that your photo is high quality. Finally, your LinkedIn profile is a lot like your CV and is used by clients and employers to build their judgement before they meet with you. Make sure your photo is professional and dress accordingly.


What should I put in my summary?


Your summary should ask “why?”. Why do you do what you do and why should people use your services. This should be simple yet effective and people should be able to build a judgement on you within 5-10 seconds.


There are several other areas within your profile which need to be perfected, such as your experience section and skills and endorsements. If all sections are written effectively, your profile can contribute towards your marketing strategy. Many potential clients have their first exposure to your company on LinkedIn and reach out to you depending on the effectiveness of your page. Setting it up correctly and creating the right story will help speed up the path to conversion.


If you would like any support or tips on how to develop your LinkedIn page, please contact us!


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