Using Facebook Messenger to Leverage Your Business

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In a world where 800 million people are using Facebook Messenger every single month, the ability to send a direct message from your business page to your audience is extremely powerful.

When the tool first became available for business pages, Facebook users had the ability to message business pages and the owners would reply. Now, page owners are able to respond to comments on their page both privately and publicly.

Over 89% of Facebook users access the social media platform through their mobile device and on average, check Facebook 14 times a day. Therefore, people have an intimate relationship with Messenger, unlike their relationship with email. When your company begins a conversation with users over Messenger, you are befriending them on that level.

This changes the relationship you have with your clients, enabling you to create personal relationships and build trust.

To ensure that customer privacy is maintained, businesses cannot download email addresses or initiate conversations, they can only reply to customer comments or messages.

Facebook is continuing to roll out features designed to help businesses efficiently manage their communications.