Vanilla Bean


My husband and I have been using hellomint media for apx 3 years, and we have to say without Nicola we don’t think our business would be in the strong position it is in now without her help.
hellomint has been very helpful where social media is concerned, and my husband & myself not being very techno didn’t realise that this is was the way forward in promoting and helping to grow our business, and grow it has. We would probably still be plodding along while every body was taking over! We’d recommend hellomint to all who need that extra push.
We are still working with Nicola who is guiding us to take our business to the next level.
We can not thank her enough for her help and confidence that we have two great business that was ready to make a move forward.
Thanks again
Janice Joyce. -Vanilla Bean-
Eric Joyce Freddo Blu