Success At Boothroyd Primary Academy Careers Week

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On Tuesday the 10th March, Nicola was asked to attend a Careers Week at Boothroyd Primary Academy, Dewsbury.

Written by Nicola:

Earlier in the month I was contacted through a colleague about offering help at the Boothroyd Primary Academy. I was asked to bring along props and any other suitable equipment for the pupils to ‘guess my line’ in two interactive sessions with year 4 and year 5 pupils.

At hellomint, most of our work is done online so I struggled a little with bringing props. I prepared a presentation with some social media icons and brought along a DSLR camera and our mini projector, which was entertaining asking them to guess what it was.

Throughout the session I gave clues as to what my ‘line of business’ was. When introducing hellomint to the students there were lots of guesses about making mints, making pepper, a photographer, painting and many more. The closest guess was a web designer!

Whilst describing what my business was about I showed all the social media icons, which were guessed straight away including LinkedIn surprisingly! A couple of the pupils mentioned that they had a YouTube channel and it was fascinating to hear that they had an understanding of social media.

The pupils asked a whole range of questions including the illusive question of ‘how much do you get paid?’. I then went on to talk about the types of businesses and people I work with and mentioned Amir Khan. He was clearly well known to the pupils as following that I was inundated with questions about him and some of the pupils even commenting about his fights.

The afternoon was a roaring success and I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and the opportunity to talk about being in business. I hope that I have inspired some of the pupils to consider setting up their own business when they finish school.

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