Social Media is Essential for Business

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Itwitter-566341_1280n the new era of digital marketing, you need more than a website. Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter have a huge impact on potential customers and are essential in maintaining a competitive advantage. This is why you need a social presence, now.



Social platforms allow you to monitor and interact with your customer base. Gaining insights into their daily life on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram lets you understand their behaviours and interests and even their age and gender. With this information, you are able to tweak your marketing strategy in order to meet their needs.



It is likely that your competitors are already capitalising the benefits of social media and tweeting like mad. You need to start up your social platforms in order to keep up with competitors. Once you fall behind, it is more time consuming and expensive to reach their level. Social Media will give you key information on your competitor’s developments, allowing you to improve your business plan in order to stay ahead.


New Customers

Social media will help you find customers you weren’t aware of. Hashtags and specific keywords on Twitter help you identify customers who are looking for your products. From here, you are able to reach out and engage with them, directing them to your account or website.



Social media offers an easy way of receiving and providing instant feedback. It gives customers a convenient way to express their concerns with your product or service.  This lets you gain real time feedback and resolve the problem immediately.  Social platforms ensure that customer’s feel appreciated and assured that their complaint is being dealt with.


Personalisation of Brand:

Social Media offers customers and brands something that cannot be achieved through traditional advertising. Engaging in conversation is great for creating relationships with potential customers. This type of engagement positively influences how you are perceived, your customers more receptive to your information.