New Social Media Trend

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Ephemeral Content

You can expect to see a lot more ephemeral content this year. Ephemeral in relation to posts means that they are limited to a certain amount of time before disappearing altogether. They were first brought into the limelight with the aid of apps such as Snapchat, but now other social media sites are following the trend. Instagram and Facebook have now introduced stories to their platforms. As a marketer this may feel a huge inconvenience to create content which will only last a short amount of time, but it is where your audience is most active. The good thing is these types of posts are supposed to include content that feels spontaneous and like they are happening in real time. This means you shouldn’t be spending a long time filming or editing videos and pictures. Ephemeral posts are supposed to be fun and informal, a way to show the human side to your business, with daily insights into how its run – sort of a behind-the-scenes style. If you are new to ephemeral content, try some short gifs or videos of daily life at your work place or events. Another tip is to use the video editor boomerang, to create short, entertaining video.