My week at hellomint

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As a 17-year-old, I’m currently bombarded with opportunities that will shape my future; universities, apprenticeships, gap years, employers and work experience. It seems that I don’t get time for what I’m supposed to be doing: A-Levels! However, this period within my life is all about expanding my knowledge and coming into contact with the real world. Gone are the spoon-feeding lessons and slightly harder tasks being done for me. I am independent!


So, one step toward my working life was work experience which was spent at a social media and marketing firm, hellomint. Whilst looking for work experience opportunities, I discovered hellomint at a careers fair, and quickly got into contact with Nicola, in advance of the proposed experience week. Meanwhile, in the weeks counting down, it seemed that I was starting to get nervous about meeting everyday life. From scheduling bus routes, keeping to a time limit and more importantly, working a 9:00-5:00 job. On my first day I approached the company, more nervous about what door to enter (left or right), rather than what my week entailed. I found the correct door, this was a great start.


I was greeted by a nice, friendly team and was set to work straight away. However, my first challenge was trying to locate the power button on the computer but, after 10 minutes when the computer finally flashed on, this success would continue the rest of the week. Marketing was an area I wanted to expand my knowledge upon and was immediately tasked with social media marketing, through creating posts for a property firm and being introduced to the concept of social media scheduling, something I didn’t even know existed. Throughout the week, I learnt how to create a suitable website for a client and creating blogs. I also improved my independence through better communication between my work colleagues and when commuting to and from work (including the very important task of ordering the sandwiches!).


In conclusion, I have thoroughly enjoyed my work experience and welcomed the change to my life routine. Although sitting down all day seems tiresome, I was met by challenges that required a clear, intelligent mind. Overall, I have expanded my knowledge of marketing techniques and will remember this week as building foundations for my future working life and for the lovely hot sandwiches provided by Hadfields!

Written by Oliver Eaton