How to increase engagement on your facebook page

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Following the recent announcement from Facebook about the algorithm changes, now, more than ever has reaching your target audience through business pages become so much of a challenge.

With the average organic post reach between 2-10% (source:Hubspot) of your total audience, how can you increase this without spending more money on Facebook advertising?

One of the factors within Facebook’s algorithm that determines what shows up in a user’s Facebook News Feed is the engagement a post receives. When a post has a lot of comments, shares and likes, it signals to Facebook that this content is worthy of showing to more people and it performs better.

It’s a fine line generating content that can be seen as you need engagement to show up in your fans’ News Feed, but you need to show up in their News Feed to get the engagement.

There are still ways to reach your audience and boost your Facebook engagement organically, despite the changes to the News Feed. Take a look at our tips below >

Post at the right time 

Bear in mind that posting at the time when your users are most active might not necessarily mean that this is the right time to post. Test different posting times to see which generates the most engagement.

Share content that your fans want to see

Fans don’t want to see promotional posts about your business all the time, they want to see content about things that interest them, makes them laugh or provides information. Some businesses often assume that they need to post about their industry all the time, for example, a car garage. Instead of just posting about cars, how about posting about travel and other things that relate to the car industry?

Analyze your performance

Look back at previous posts. What has performed well? Can you create something similar that will engage with your audience in the same way?

Use original photos

Fair enough.. stock images look nice and pretty, but what your audience want to see is the business and the people behind it. These days we all have nice phones that can produce images that resemble a high-quality photo. If you’re looking to go that extra mile, use a good camera or even recruit the services of a professional.

Engage with your audience

If someone engages with your post, continue the conversation! This will not only help to improve your relationship with the fan you are conversating with, it will also help to build more fan loyalty with others and encourage them to join in the conversation.

These techniques will help you well on your way towards increasing the reach on your facebook page and generating those ever important conversations which lead to sales or more traffic on your website.

Want more help with your facebook page? Get in touch with us to see how we can help you achieve your goals.