How to make the most out of your Facebook advertising

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With all the changes to the Facebook platform in recent months, you won’t be surprised to learn that to be successful on Facebook you will need more than just great content.

Organic reach is slowing down even further in the Facebook newsfeed and it is becoming more important to your marketing success to focus on distribution.

The focus is now firmly on targeting your appropriate audience – the right people for you and your business.

In a recent report, 94% of businesses have invested in Facebook advertising and 67% of businesses intend to increases their advertising spend in 2018.

To ensure you are using your advertising spend well, check out these tips:

  • Ensure you are targeting the right people, it is not so much about reaching the highest number of people but the right kind of people. You need to find the platforms your target audience use, communicate with them in their language and find content that they react to well. The answer is collecting data and great research. Use your Facebook audience insights.
  • 25% of your audience will undoubtedly work at some level of management, so check out the right kind of language you use to communicate
  • Check your customer’s platforms, they will all be using other forms of connection so research what they use and derive ideas and appropriate content from this.
  • Ensure you choose an appropriate audience to start you off (start with your own circle), using your data from these first audiences you can refine your targets and your content to engage fully and make your adverts appropriate
  • Once you have got some data to assess, you can drill deeper down using the options on the right of your insight page and hone down your messages.
  • Before you spend a penny, complete all of the above and ensure you have a prepared audience who will react positively to your campaigns and adverts
  • Always tell a great story when you decide on your campaign, use eye-catching graphics and have a clear call to action and always keep on track to your target audience and create a story they want to hear.
  • Always review, adjust and research at the beginning, during and at the end of your campaigns and adverts.

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