Top tips for improving your Facebook business page

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With over 31 million users in the UK last year, Facebook is still leading all the social media platforms as the most popular and frequently used for business & personal reasons. Yet there is an ‘art’ to posting onto Facebook and it’s easy to get it wrong. Read our top tips for improving your Facebook business page and how to get it right.

Read our tips on how to post on Facebook for Business
Read our tips on how to post on Facebook for Business











Here is our guide to improving your Facebook for business page in a few easy to follow steps.

STEP 1 Get your company profile picture & header right

Use your company logo for your profile picture & a picture related to your business as your header. It’s that simple! So why do so many companies get it wrong – if you use the wrong image as your profile picture people will simply not be able to identify you. The profile pic is often viewed as a tiny thumbnail, so the clearer your logo the better – maybe just use a graphic version of your company logo or initials. As for the header, well we’ve seen it all, too blurry, people’s heads chopped off or even worse, nothing at all. We would recommend a good shot that represents your company, the industry or your staff. Double check using different mobile devices that the image works across the board. Have an image professionally designed to the exact Facebook header specification if you have the budget.

STEP 2 Post at the right time of day

There is no point posting on your business Facebook page if your audience is not going to see it. Simply posting lots of content on your site is not going to impress anyone so it’s really important to post at the right time of day. Use Facebook insights to see when YOUR audience is active – in general it will be between 5pm and 9pm in the evening. A general rule is that your post will only appear in someone’s feed for around 2 hours so pick your timeslot carefully to maximise exposure.

STEP 3 Get creative with your content

Your audience will not want to see too much promotional content saying how great you are. As they already ‘like’ you and may well be an existing customer its vital to mix up your content. A general rule of 70:30 of informative content to promotion content is a good one to follow. People like to see plenty of photos but not necessarily with every post. Be creative and collaborate with others to appeal to a wider audience. Follow your marketing strategy and use the same corporate tone that your business uses. Always be professional and polite but show a sense of humour that will engage people.

STEP 5 Always reply to comments & feedback

In a recent report from New Media & Marketing, it was stated that 88% of consumers would be less likely to buy from a company with unanswered questions or complaints from customers on their Facebook page. If people are taking to time to interact with you it is important that you respond – even if the comments are negative – you must come up with a strategy for dealing with these.

STEP 6 Consider Facebook advertising

Even the smallest of companies can make a big impression using Facebook advertising. From as little as £1 per day it’s possible to promote your posts to a wider audience to gain more likes. The wider the audience you have the more reach you will get and ultimately grow your business.

STEP 7 Monitor your Facebook reach

As the administrator or editor of your Facebook business page you will automatically see the reach of your posts – your followers do not see this information. You can gauge how well certain posts have done by their reach, it’s worthwhile experimenting by posting different material at different times of the day to see when you can get the most reach. A great post should have a great reach, lots of likes and engagements or comments. Use this a measure and analyse your results for use in the future.

STEP 8 Have fun with your social media

Remember that your Facebook page is your platform for communicating with the outside world including your customers and potential customers. Have fun with your content and posts and people will want to follow you, like you, share your material and potentially buy from you. Good luck and bonus tip – always reread your posts for typos & spelling mistakes.

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Written by Emma Rushworth of hellomint. Image Source : Pixabay