Digital marketing tips – post frequently

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So you’ve successfully established an online presence but what next?

Social media relies on fresh content and so it’s important to optimise engagement with clientele by posting frequent updates about recent projects or progress on current tasks. A dormant website restricts engagement whilst efficient, regular posting will enable you to establish your brand as a professional business.


Before planning a post, hellomint has compiled some crucial points to consider:


–          Make the shift from longer, qualitative posts to shorter more engaging ones. Your information should be easily accessible and should hook the reader from the outset – no matter how great the content of your post is, if the opening material lacks appeal, you present the risk of losing a potential client!


–          The tone of your writing. Are you a small, local business? If so, presenting yourself as an approachable team with ‘fun’ posts or light-hearted content in and amongst business talk could significantly improve your relationship with the local community.


–          Social media traffic/peak periods. Certain hotspot times during the day are likely to draw more attention, for instance, posting early morning or evening will allow you to target commuters accessing social media on the way to and from work. Publishing at consistent times by creating optimum time slots will generate routine for both the site and readers.


–          Social hubs/days that could project your post into wider circulation. Upcoming events and awareness days appeal to a diverse range of social media users worldwide and can subsequently serve as great platforms for propelling your content into high visibility. An example of this would be an organisation related to mental health care utilising the widespread conversation generated by #WorldMentalHealthDay.


–          Tailor your posts to the platform you’re using. Different sites suit different purposes. Twitter and Instagram encourage brief and concise updates given its limitation on characters, this might be beneficial for short insights into the working day or quick networking with local businesses that could share your content. Alternatively, you could roughly summarise the content attached (e.g blog posts or website links) to encourage clients to seek out further information on a source site.


As a social media management company, hellomint know how important taking all these considerations into account can be to help boost your company’s visibility online. For more helpful digital marketing tips follow us on twitter.