Why choose a digital marketing agency?

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Digital marketing is becoming more and more popular every day and one day it will dominate other forms of traditional marketing. Online marketing is a rapidly growing force in the current marketing application, allowing consumers to engage and communicate with a brand almost instantly. The use of paper-based media such as newspapers, books, traditional TV and radio broadcasts, are becoming too slow for users who are more frequently online. As the generation who has grown up with the internet and new technologies, in terms of mobile devices, expanding – it is clear that businesses must be adapting to suit the new era.

Methods of digital communication can be things such as websites and SEO content, blogs, internet banner ads, online video content, PPC advertising, email marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing. This is a never ending list of online marketing approaches due to the new advances in technology there will always be new ways in which people can market their business online.

Reasons for using digital marketing:
1. It is cheaper than most offline marketing methods. A TV ad or print campaign can be a lot more expensive than an email or social media campaign and can potentially reach a wider audience.
2. It can be easily tracked and monitored to see how well certain campaigns are performing, therefore seeing how to improve, or looking at which platforms to invest in more. Online marketing can measure click rates, customer response rates instantly.
3. Online communications happen in real time which means businesses can keep consumers up-to-date with their business; consumers can be informed of any offers or changes which will affect them. Having a digital presence can allow customers to interact with the company, this can relate and impact customer service especially if a business can respond to their queries quickly.

Why choose Hellomint?
Hellomint can help manage or create your digital marketing strategy because we create suitable packages based on the current performance of your business. We create packages to suit your budget and we work with you so you know exactly how we are helping to engage your customers. We believe bespoke packages are important because we tailor marketing plans to suit the needs of each individual business because we appreciate that not all businesses are the same. At Hellomint we have the knowledge and expertise in digital marketing to help grow your business, and we understand how busy your current workload might be, therefore we can take the strain from you. We take the pressure off you and offer you the ease of having an outside source do the required online marketing your business needs to stay ahead of competitors and to engage customers.