Blog: Ways to show off, without being a show off!

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No one likes a show off.

But you’re doing all of these great things in your business — delivering great service, selling great products and earning new customers. Wouldn’t all of that make  great content for great stories to share?


It’s your job to help those stories get shared. But before you e-mail everyone that news release or tweet that #humblebrag, consider how these beloved companies show off without annoying their fans and followers?
Show off your employees: Humans work for you and run your social media presence, too. So make them the focus of your content. For example, during an ongoing contest, fans were rewarded with videos of employees performing weird scences, such as a one-person pillow fight or a sandwich-making contest. The brand’s fans loved it and shared it, and the brand got tons of new fans to participate, too.

Show off your expertise: You have experts — help your fans out by giving them an opportunity to speak directly to them.

Show off your fans: You may have seen when some facebook pages reach a certain amount of Facebook fans, they can thank their followers with a discount. What can you do to put the spotlight on your fans?
How about you? What can you show off without being a showoff?