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Who? Where? What? How?

Which social media platforms are you using to market your business? Are they right for your industry? Are you sure? Below is a short description of each platform and which businesses they are best suited to.

Facebook – Used primarily for individuals to socialize with their friends by discussions, videos and photos. Facebook is the most well known social media platform and most businesses automatically assume that this is the main platform they should be active on. Facebook most suits a business that is aimed at retail customers (B2C)

Twitter РTwitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting. Twitter is suitable for both businesses and customers, therefore it is ideal for most businesses. In my personal opinion Twitter is by far the best platform to market your business.

LinkedIn – Is a professional network where business people continue their conversations about business and meet new like minded business people. LinkedIn is best suited to a business that would like to connect with other businesses, find new market trends, build relationships and trade with each other.

Google+ – Is a relatively new social media platform which is owned by Google. You can post updates and link to Youtube, but most importantly Google+ can enhance your SEO for your website. Google+ is suitable to use for both B2B businesses and B2C businesses, I would defiantly recommend that you had a presence on here.

Youtube – An online network where videos are shared. If you have any products it is worthwhile to demonstrate them on here. If you provide a service maybe you can provide a demonstration on your service or a “how to” video.

Pinterest РA pinboard style of online social networking that allows users to collect and search photos in one area from various websites including its own. Ideal for any product in the retail sector mainly. If you provide a service it is worthwhile having a presence,  utilize this by collecting graphics for your service and any photos that relate to it.

Foursquare – Where an individual checks in at a place. Good for the restaurant and bar industry. Make sure your profile is up to date and has all the correct information on. You can also update with offers to encourage people to “check in” at your establishment.

Tripadvisor – Where comments and feedback is written about a travel experience in a Hotel or Restaurant. It is important for business owners in this industry to regularly check this for feedback and how to improve. I would recommend to respond to all comments, good or bad. Keep the profile up to date with website details and photos.

Instagram – Similar to Pinterest but it is solely to showcase an individuals photos. It is great for businesses that sell a product.

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