It’s back to school for hellomint!

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14502934_1361603857213861_5442209055310176937_nIt was back to school this October for our Managing Director Nicola Mellor. Nicola was invited to give a presentation to the students at Sowerby Bridge High School about social media, and how it has changed the face of business marketing.


As a company that specialises in social media management, the staff here at hellomint are only too aware how beneficial understanding social media platforms and the opportunities they represent can be. With Nicola’s presentation and our other outreach projects, we are helping to encourage young adults to develop effective social media presences and skills that can better equip them for future careers in marketing, self-employment and business.


Professional businesses utilise refined social media skills and platforms as effective mediums to engage with clientele, high schools are developing new initiatives to focus on ways to enrich students with the necessary skills that will enable them to tackle the competitive work environment when they finish education.


Nicola’s presentation showcased a portfolio of the different social media campaigns hellomint has run in the past, along with some detail about how they helped our clients. Students were enthusiastic with their feedback and it’s a good thing that Nicola is an expert in the field as the curious students asked a lot of questions!


Of her rewarding experience, Nicola said that, ‘it was a pleasure to give these students an insight into what social media can do for people personally, and as a business. Social media is something we often take for granted now, especially in the younger generation. I want kids to be able to realise that social media can be a powerful tool when used wisely, as well as something to keep you entertained from time to time!”


“As I am a younger entrepreneur, I hope the students will be able to connect with someone like me more because I’m closer to them in age than a lot of people who have been successful in business.”


We look forward to more opportunities for future talks that will continue to inspire and encourage young adults to pursue careers in social media marketing.